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One Small Thing

After Raccoon's home burns down in a lightning storm, his friends don't know what they can do to help. Squirrel, Beaver, Mouse, Badger, and Rabbit all go back to their own homes, trying to focus on something other than Raccoon's tragedy. But each animal discovers one small thing they can do for Raccoon--and it turns out that each small act may not be so small after all.

A gentle and powerful look at how small actions can make a big impact.

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Look Inside One Small Thing

All the animals in Brightly Wood were talking about what happened.

“Lightning struck Raccoon’s house last night!” exclaimed Squirrel. “Only ashes are left.”

“Something is always going wrong in Brightly Wood,” grumbled Badger.

“He loved his home by the river,” whispered Beaver. “Where will Raccoon live now?”

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