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Oh No, Bobo!

Read my full interview with Rachael Davis HERE Available for Purchase here

The Story of Oh No, Bobo!

While the rest of the jungle sleeps, Bobo the orangutan can’t get comfortable. He sets off on a mission to find the perfect pillow – he’s sure one of his friends will be able to help. But Bobo’s friends aren’t impressed when he tries plucking their feathers and pulling their tails. Then Elsie the elephant starts stroking and playing with Bobo without asking him first, leaving Bobo feeling very upset and still without a pillow! Will Bobo and Elsie learn an important lesson about asking permission? And will Bobo finally find his perfect pillow?


Behind The Scenes

The Starting Point Inside the Sketchbook

At the Zoo

For this project I spent some lovely days watching the Orangutans at Colchester Zoo. It was lovely to be able to draw them from life and get a feel for their shape and character. I think it helped certainly enrich the book.

From a Rough Cover Idea to the Final thing

Highlights From the Book

Available for Purchase here


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