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Goodnight Love - A Bedtime Meditation Story

Share love with yourself, your people, and the world (alongside fun sloths) in this big-hearted bedtime meditation for children.

As the day comes to a close, Goodnight Love helps children (ages 2–5) connect to the warmth of their hearts through the power of lovingkindness. We foster self-compassion by sending care to ourselves. We share kindness by wishing good things for our families and friends. And we cultivate unconditional love by radiating the wish for happiness and peace on Earth.

Goodnight Love brings the heart-based practice oflovingkindness (metta) into the ritual of bedtime, with adorable sloth characters that kids will delight in practicing beside. The beautiful, richly colored art portrays a caregiver sloth guiding a young sloth through this relaxing evening meditation, helping children slip into slumber with a heart filled with kindness. Available here Author Sumi Loundon Kim Illustrated by Laura Watkins Publishes February 21, 2023


Reviews “Prepare for bedtime with soothing meditative rituals. Gentle, reassuring, and just the thing to lull children into sweet slumber.”—Kirkus Reviews “Beginning with two deep belly breaths and a visualization of warm light radiating out from their hearts, a big and little sloth move through a series of three contemplative phrases (“May I be healthy./ May I be safe and protected./ May I be happy and peaceful”), variations on which they apply to self, family, friends, forests, mountains, oceans, the universe, and the world before snuggling down. Soft-edged illustrations from Watkins soothe with starry purple skies, luminous rainforest views, and scenes of the natural world crowded with friendly smiling faces. Throughout, Loundon Kim’s light-handed prompts encourage interactivity (“How were you kind today?”), reinforcing the teachable aspects of this contemplative bedtime routine.”—Publishers Weekly “Goodnight Love by Sumi Loudon Kim is a sweet bedtime (or anytime!) book to share with our children. What better way to close out the day than sharing love and kindness with those around us. The illustrations are beautiful and engaging. I can see this book on nightstands to be shared over and over again.”—Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Change


Behind the Scenes

This project started in my sketchbook. I spent time exploring the rainforest with inks and paints and watched lots of Sloth documentaries. Below are some of my pages with my initial ideas




Cover Ideas

To the final design...


Final Pages My favourite spreads...


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