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T is for Tiger Amazon Bestseller!

Available for purchase HERE


"T is for Tiger is such a beautiful alphabet book. While the art teacher in me adored the animal illustrations, my kids loved the interesting animal facts sprinkled throughout the book." ―Krissy Bonning-Gould, author of The Outdoor Toddler Activity Book and The Rainy Day Toddler Activity Book

"My toddler is so in love with animals and T is for Tiger is perfect for him! This alphabet book is illustrated with the cutest pictures of animals and the geography aspect of the book is such a fun way to incorporate learning your ABC's with learning about the world. A must have for every toddler's home library!" ―Susannah Kellogg of

"T for Tiger has been a favorite in my household since we received it. My son is going through language explosions right now, so this book has helped him learn new words like "turtle" and "tiger." The book is nicely illustrated so it makes it easy for him to learn about the animals in their natural habitat." ―Ahoefa Akakpossa of @raisingyannis


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